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        At 118 W. Chippewa St., Pho Lantern owner Michael Nguyen and his uncle Philip Vu are presenting their unusual concept with a high-tech restaurant system in a room done in Pacific-centered art and washes of new color.

        PHO WAVES is running with a culinary theme based on Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese cuisine. As for the aesthetic vibe, PHO WAVES will have an oceanic theme, of course. The entire restaurant will be a tranquil blue. The ambiance and décor of PHO WAVES is hinged on a contemporary and minimalist vibe. Colorful washes of light prevail, as do some intricate lighting schematics that include flatscreens on the back wall (playing videos of salt water fish swimming about), a couple of delicate sculpturesque lighting features, and plenty of fluctuating mood lighting at the bar, and backdrop wall.

        The bar arena has been brilliantly opened up to the patio, creating a welcome flow. That alone creates a new sense of openness and mobility – very inviting. The improvement to the bar layout creates a better connectivity throughout the entire establishment.


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